What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Answer: We have attached prep sheets that you can follow and will help prepare for your service for...

Bedbug treatment
Cockroach cleanout
Flea treatment

Are the products safe to use around my family and pets?

Answer: All of our products are EPA (Environment Protection Agency) approved and have passed the state of California strict guidelines. Our technicians are trained and certified in order to handle these chemicals around your family and home.

A cleanout has just been done to my home/property, what should be done next?

Answer: After your service, we do ask that you do not clean the surfaces that have been treated with any additional cleaning chemicals. We understand your need for sanitation in your home, but do ask to keep in mind that the cleaning solutions you use could remove the residual that our chemicals leave to keep knocking out pests. Our goal is to eliminate the pests in your property and in order to do that you should avoid cleaning the areas that our technicians serviced. We also ask that you do clean up any dead insects after your service.

I had a clean out/ service done to my property but still see pests, what do I do next?

Answer: It is possible to see a few pests remaining on your property even after your service. Depending on the level of your infestation, you will need to schedule follow-up services to completely eliminate the pest. Keeping your property or home clean will also help prevent future pest infestation

How much should I expect the pest control service to cost?

Answer: Depending on the condition and the level of infestation, we offer a range of prices for our services. By emailing or calling us, you will get a direct quote based on the service you need.

What are some common pests that Knockout deals with?

a. Cockroaches
b. Bees and Wasps
c. Bed Bugs
d. Rats
e. Mice
f. Ants
g. Spiders
h. Fleas

​Where did the bedbugs in my home come from?

Answer: Bed bugs are like hitchhikers, they can latch onto your clothes or personal belongings that are introduced to your home. Just one bedbug can cause an infestation in your home. This does not necessarily mean that your home is unsanitary, instead, this pest invaded your home and we can take care of it. 

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